Cross Country




A bus will be leaving school at 6.45am for all team members and be returning to school by approximately 3pm.

Parents are welcome to attend and students may go home with them at the completion of events.

The anticipated schedule of events are:

8.30am                    Walk the Course

9.30am          –           12 Years          –           3km

10.00am          –           13 Years          –           3km

10.30am          –           14 Years          –           4km

11.00am          –           15 Years          –           4km

11.30 am         –           16 Years          –           4km

12.00 noon      –           17 Years          –           4km

12.30pm          –           18 Years          –           6km

1.30pm          –             Finish

These are approximate and may be altered slightly on the day if running ahead or behind schedule.  Regardless of weather, the event will still run.

If your daughter is not already doing so, it is recommended she do some training for the event.  Sutherland Cross Country Club races every Saturday at various locations – this would be a good opportunity for some race practice.  To find out more information view their web page at

Any issues please contact Mrs Hoare PDHPE Department