Sport at Danebank


Danebank Carnivals are compulsory school events that support the development of school spirit in a vibrant enjoyable outdoor environment.

Click on the heading to see carnival dates for both Senior and Junior School.


Participating in Senior Sports
On this site, you will find all the information required for each of the sports that Danebank runs on Saturday mornings.

This program is not compulsory, but we do encourage your daughter to get involved for the myriad of physical, friendship and health benefits that sport provides. These include:

  • Enhancing each girl’s sense of self
  • Improving each girl’s capacity to manage challenging circumstances
  • Moving with confidence while learning new skills and activities
  • Developing these skills will enable them to adopt and promote healthy, active lifestyles
  • Promoting enjoyable, lifelong physical activities
  • Providing the physical benefits of good muscle tone, improved cardiovascular health, balance, co-ordination, good skin and hair, improved concentration, fitness and sleep

Also, the social benefits of participating in sport are very important. Both you and your daughter will meet students and parents from other year groups. You can make life long friendships from these experiences. You will  visit some interesting schools and different places in Sydney, and enjoy some very exciting games, and just think of the quality time you will get to spend in the car with your daughter enroute to different venues!

It is imperative that you support and encourage your daughter to make a firm commitment to both training sessions during the weeks and games on Saturday mornings. This will ensure the smooth running of all teams, and, whilst at times you may think that missing one week is not a problem, it does have an impact on the other players and parents.


Danebank Junior school girls are invited to particpate in afterschool sports programs and some opportunites for Saturday sport. On this site, you will find all the information required for each of the sports and activites  Danebank offers for Junior School girls Kindergarten to Year 6.