School Pockets

April 2010


(Embroidered strips on blazers)

AIM:    To encourage students to strive for excellence in extra curriculum activities and be rewarded for their achievement, attitude and representation. This will be in the form of embroidery on blazers under crest (with exception of prefects).

YEARS 7-12: Each department concerned to have clear and precise criteria for these awards. Each department to decide criteria and be able to defend decision if necessary.

* Pockets to be presented at the end of each term at last full school assembly.
* Girls will receive receipt of award which they present to the embroiderers with their blazer.
* All pockets recorded on Speech Night program.
* Criteria to be very tight. Only a few pockets should be awarded. If an area does not have a student who passes all criteria, the pocket will not be awarded that year.
* Criteria needs to be revised each year, in particular each department.
* Staff to present list of receivers to Mrs Davis to approve and the list will be recorded each term.
* If a student is awarded a Gold Pocket in Sport, it will be published in the School newsletter.
* Exceptions: Prefects – under school crest.

House Captains under school crest.

Departments concerned:      PDHPE,  HSIE, English, Creative Arts, Christian Studies, Maths,  Science


Outstanding – Gold

Achievement – White

Service – Red

Effective from Term 2 – 2008

Reviewed every 5 years.



 At the completion of each season, coach and supervising staff member for each sport to make necessary decisions for nominations for these awards. This is to include: effort, attitude, skill level, attendance at training and matches. Students will be nominated from the following: Softball, Water Polo, Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Hockey, Cricket. Try to keep one player per team.

POCKETSAchievement (White)

In each sport or activity, only the most elite students are considered:

Softball, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Cricket, Water Polo, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Athletics and Gymnastics.

  • The captain of the sport.
  • Students must be a member of top Junior or Senior Saturday team.
  • The team must be entered into 3C (Jnr) or 1C (Snr) or higher in IGSSA competition.
  • Should the top Senior or Junior team be entered into a grade lower then this, an outstanding individual may still be considered.
  • Individuals must perform outstandingly in that team and consistently perform well.
  • Attend all training sessions.
  • Demonstrate responsibility and interest of the sport through refereeing/umpiring/coaching duties.
  • Show respect for staff, team members and opposition.
  • Demonstrate good team spirit – be supportive in winning or losing.
  • Represent school in correct neat and tidy uniform.
  • Fulfill all necessary duties.


  • Junior, Intermediate, and Senior competitors will be considered.
  • Must make an IGSSA swimming or athletics final before being considered
  • Must represent IGSSA or above in Cross Country


  • Artistic – Level 3 and higher.
  • Rhythmic – individual and group as above


  • Must make round 4 in singles and / or doubles competition

POCKETS – IGSSA, CIS – Achievement (white)

  • Selected in an Open 1st’s, IGSSA, CIS team
  • Attend all IGSSA and CIS training sessions and game commitments.
  • Demonstrate good team spirit.
  • Dressed neatly in correct school uniform.
  • Show a good attitude, strive to improve, listen and follow coach’s advice, respect for coach, team members and opposition.
  • Must be school based sport

SERVICE POCKET – (red in colour)

  • Different colour / font.
  • Commitment to Saturday sport for a minimum of 3 continuous years.
  • Attend all training.
  • Demonstrate leadership, commitment and initiative.
  • As per criteria of pockets.

GOLD POCKET – NSW School Girls or Australian Schools

  • Outstanding Achievement
  • All Schools, Australian Level