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What is Twitter?

Danebank will now be using Twitter to provide all updates on sport events, such as training, venue changes, cancellations, and results. We have chosen Twitter because it is a free and easily accessible service that will satisfy the needs of all our sporting teams. However, unlike SMS, it is a “pull” message service which requires you to check for updates rather than having them “pushed” to you. SMS notifications will only be sent to you if there is a message that has to be sent less than 1 hour before the event. All other communication relies on you to check the Twitter feed.

There are many ways for you to check for updates.

  • You can view the @Danebank_Sport profile directly on the twitter website to view all notifications.
  • You can choose your sport team from the menu on the left and see the relevant tweets based on their unique hashtag
  • You can download a Twitter client for your computer and follow your team’s unique hashtag
  • You can download the Twitter app to your mobile device or iPad to follow your team’s unique hashtag. Learn how to save your hashtags on the iPad app.

Hashtags are used to filter tweets based on a certain topic. At Danebank, each team has their own unique hashtag that you can follow, for example #dbswim for Swimming. With hashtags you won’t be swamped with messages from all of the other sport teams.

Athletics – #dbath
Cross Country – #dbcross
Gymnastics – #dbgym

Tildesley – #dbtil
Danebank Tennis 1 – #dbten1
Danebank Tennis 2 – #dbten2
Danebank Tennis 3 – #dbten3
Danebank Tennis 4 – #dbten4

Dragon Boating
Danebank Dragon Boating – #dbdrag

ED Hockey 1 – #dbhok1
ED Hockey 2 – #dbhok2
ED Hockey 3 – #dbhok3
ED Hockey 4 – #dbhok4

Danebank Basketball 1 – #dbbas1
Danebank Basketball 2 – #dbbas2
Danebank Basketball 3 – #dbbas3
Danebank Basketball 4 – #dbbas4
Danebank Basketball 5 – #dbbas5
Danebank Basketball 6 – #dbbas6
Danebank Basketball 7 – #dbbas7
Danebank Basketball 8 – #dbbas8

Danebank Soccer 1 – #dbsoc1
Danebank Soccer 2 – #dbsoc2
Danebank Soccer 3 – #dbsoc3
Danebank Soccer 4 – #dbsoc4
Danebank Soccer 5 – #dbsoc5
Danebank Soccer 6 – #dbsoc6

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