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  • danebank_sport#dbwp3 a closer win against StV, everyone played really well displaying great shooting and defending. See you all in Term 4 - posted on 06/04/2013 10:10:52
  • danebank_sport#dbwp3 another fantastic win against Rav 3. Your passing, team play and attacking is awesome. 7 goals Meg, congratulations. - posted on 23/03/2013 08:49:49
  • danebank_sport#dbwp3 a closer game than normal, but still a very classy win against Ravenswood. Your passing is excellent. Keep up the great work. - posted on 16/03/2013 08:12:41
  • danebank_sport#dbwp3 another impressive win against Wenona 3. Your fitness is improving with only 7 players. Be careful not to become too complacent. - posted on 09/03/2013 08:07:40
  • danebank_sport#dbwp3 a very strong win against Meriden. Great passing and shooting. You will all be very fit by the end. - posted on 16/02/2013 08:39:47
  • danebank_sport#dbwp3 tough game v st caths a loss to them but we need to get to training and work hard and we will be the better team! - posted on 03/11/2012 09:20:18
  • danebank_sport#dbwp3 a tough game but a win v pymble great game Carla - posted on 20/10/2012 09:41:42
  • danebank_sport#dbwp3 great start to season with a convincing win over ravo - posted on 13/10/2012 08:54:44
  • danebank_sportExcellent control in a hard game, we never gave up. See you all next season. Great game Nicole #dbwp3 - posted on 24/03/2012 09:31:51
  • danebank_sport#dbwp3 by far the nicest in the pool a strong game but a loss to ravo - posted on 24/03/2012 08:30:39
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